Shollamaya Healing Frequencies

Shollamaya Healing Matrices

These Healing Frequencies are an exceptional vibrational modality that gently and effortlessly realign the total system—mind, emotions, body and spirit—so each person may move into new levels of health and well-being and satisfaction. This gentle and powerful system of “Creation Frequencies” meets each person in their own place of perfection. There is no judgment and no preference as to where you are in your healing process. These frequencies meet you and your energy in that place of harmony to expand and nurture your journey into greater healing, perception and well-being.

Each person will experience new levels of well-being and personal evolution. This is a truly holistic system. It addresses your entire being. The Shollamaya Sacred Healing Frequencies are not limited to physical improvements. They help each person move to greater states of healing and integration in all aspects of being. Some people experience greater physical healing and the release of pain and physical discomfort. People also experience the healing and release of emotional distress, past issues and underlying fears. These frequencies address healing on all levels while being fully honoring of each person in their path of life.

The Shollamaya Sacred Healing Frequencies will help you experience more joy, delight and evolutionary well-being. One truly expansive aspect of these energies is that they are more than healing frequencies. They touch into each person’s evolutionary path, gracefully and gently supporting personal growth and purpose. Clients discover that not only are they feeling better and have more capacity in their live and health, but they also feel a greater sense of their own purpose and deep spiritual joy. These sacred energies help move each person toward their vibrational path of destiny, in harmony with their greater vision and life. This is gentle. This is empowering. This is a graceful transition into harmony that is what each of us longs to feel in our own lives. This healing, this spiritual support is a gift of energies to awaken one’s deep soul being into a greater joy and energy. It is life embracing!

Shollamaya Healing is typically done in 7 sessions over a period of 7 to 14 weeks. It can also be done long distance. Please see the following links below for further information and to meet the practitioners available for sessions at Blue Lotus.

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