Sarah Johnson, LMT


Sarah’s defining strategy in bodywork is careful, specific technique to relieve pain and dysfunction, guided by sensitive observation of the soft-tissue, structure, and overall traits of her patients. She is comfortable working within a wide range of depths, from extremely deep to exceedingly gentle — the patient’s comfort and safety are paramount. Those with chronic pain and illness are some of Sarah’s favorite people with whom to work; to assist people in finding relief and returning more of their attention to what inspires them is a great motivator in her studies and in her practice.

Sarah uses primarily myofascial release, deep tissue, and trigger point therapies combined with gentle techniques that help to ease deep and rapid change. Continual study of documented pain patterns and of the mechanical and physiological bases of pain deeply inform her work. In working with the patient, an important secondary focus is to encourages patients to get to know their bodies and their habits more closely, as this awareness often greatly supports continuing relief of pain. For those willing to invest energy at home in their own care, Sarah will gladly offer from a long list of self-care tactics and reading materials to help meet the goals of the patient.

Sarah is an aspiring supernerd in the body sciences – her all-time favorite books have to do with anatomy and physiology and she tends to spend hours a week with them researching new puzzles, as well as lately (slowly!) learning calculation techniques and computer programming in hopes of ultimately contributing to modeling and research in integrative therapies for people with autoimmune and cognitive disorders. She is a former competitive lumberjill, a runner, gardener, hiker, carpenter, and student of languages. At work, most people wouldn’t guess how impossible she finds it to sit still, as the challenge and reward of discovering how to help clients discover new, healthier and sometimes pain-free patterns channels her energies just right.

Sarah graduated with a certificate in Massage Therapy from New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in 2004 after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, in 2003

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