Maruan Fakhuri, LMT, RMTI, MSW


Maruan Fakhuri, LMT, RMTI, MSW
is originally from Munich, Germany, and is a German registered naturopath for Psychotherapy, with his master’s degree in Social Work. He has more than 12 years experience in bodywork with in-depth trainings in Shiatsu and PsychoDynamic Body-and Energywork (Biodynamic, Gestalt and Postural Integration). He graduated in 2004 from the European Shiatsu Institute where he was then invited to join the faculty. He has been a Shiatsu Teacher with the Institute since 2006 and continues to offer courses in Europe and the U.S. In 2012 he became licensed as a Massage Therapist in New Mexico. In 2014 he assisted in the Somatic Polarity Program at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and joined Santa Fe School of Massage, offering continuing education classes teaching in the Zen Shiatsu program.

Maruan provides a quality of touch and approach that deeply supports your well-being, addresses “symptoms” which cause discomfort, and opens the space and understanding for you to discover how these may be related to your life situations.  It is a process led by giving careful attention to your embodied being, its signals, needs and unique expression.

Maruan specializes in Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese bodywork that addresses the whole body through a system of meridians.  His approach connects East and West by connecting meridians and fascia.  Shiatsu includes finger, palm, and elbow pressure, holding points, range of motion movements, and meridian stretches to support your self-regulating abilities.

Maruan is looking forward to working with you at Blue Lotus Santa Fe, providing whole-person support through the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of experienced practitioners.

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