Kerrilyn Chew, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Kerrilyn Chew, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Kerrilyn Chew has been a practitioner in the realm of Healing Arts for over 17 years. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, the founder of Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts and an eternal student of the Healing Arts. She has had a full-time clinical practice for over 12 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico and now continues her practice in Mexico for part of the year. She is keenly interested in how to support each individual client through exceptional presence combined with strong understanding of the dynamics of disease states and the healing process in the context of being human in the conditions of the modern world.
Dr. Kerrilyn Chew firmly understands that the human body was designed to to release and eliminate elements that cause disease and to regenerate and heal itself, given the proper conditions. We have an eliminatory system, filters for the blood, and cells that are incredibly programed to rebuild, replicate and repair themselves. We have an energetic field and a Meridian System that indicates health or imbalance even before it becomes apparent on in a blood test or MRI. Health is part of our birthright if we support it properly. Kerrilyn works with a Bioenergetic model of Medicine that allows a practitioner to assess the where, what and why of a bodies imbalance. This, combined with individualized nutritional evaluations and protocols, herbology and homeopathics, as well as over 13 years in the field of Oriental Medicine, provides a strong foundation for helping an individual achieve their health goals efficiently and affectively.

In acupuncture and bodywork, her foundational approach is a style of Japanese Meridian Therapy shared by Dr. Koei Kuwahara and the Hari Society. Hari (‘Acupuncture’ in Japanese) is used to balance and increase energy in the meridian and organ systems, release tension and pain, create a sense of connection and relaxation to the body and mind. From this foundation she incorporates incredibly effective pain relieving techniques from the Dr. Tan system of acupuncture, essential oil therapy, breath awareness and Taoist abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang) as core components of each hands on session.
Kerrilyn also firmly believes in client empowerment through education and emperical evidence based information. Finally, ensuring a healthy amount of physical activities that move the body’s energies like yoga, qi gong, dance, weight resistance training, running, nature hikes or whatever inspires the individual is a must to achieve vital health. She has a passion for helping people discover the unique magic in our bodies, the healing process, and then a profound inspiration in life. Her studies have taken her to China, India, Japan and most importantly, deep within.

Services that Dr. Chew provides:


  • Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Asian Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang
  • Individualized Nutritional Assessments and Dietary Protocol Recommendations
  • Strategic Detox Protocols
  • Shollamaya Healing


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