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Acupuncture is an important element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been practiced in China for more than 3,000 years. These techniques practiced by practitioners of TCM trigger the body to promote natural healing and improve function, thereby preventing disease. Doctors of TCM see the body and mind as one inseparable unit. Mental and physical symptoms are manifestations of underlying energy imbalances of the being; it is therefore necessary to treat not only the symptoms of mental or physical ailments, but the entire mind and body of a person. 

Acupuncture involves the detection of energy blockage and imbalance in the individual. This is achieved through a unique system of diagnosis followed by systematic stimulation and/or suppression of specific energy centers within the body. Successful treatment results in unblocking and the re-balancing of energy. The most common type of acupuncture used today is through the insertion of tiny, disposable, stainless steel needles into specific energy centers.

Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. Some additional benefits are that they do so in an effective, economical, non-chemical, holistic, safe manner and without chemical induced side effects or costly application. Recent research has proven the effectiveness of acupuncture in both disease prevention and improvement to the immune system.