Biomat Therapy

Remarkable health benefits through advanced technology

The core of BioMat technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ion effects and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. These three powerful health stimulators are combined in a single, easy-to-use product with remarkable healing properties. At Blue Lotus Santa Fe, 3 of our 4 treatment rooms are equipped with a professional sized BioMat that can be used during your treatment. The BioMat delivers soothing, deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body. It’s a safe and natural way to achieve optimal health now and maintain a stronger, more resilient body in the future. Practitioners notice a deepening of the client’s ability to relax, a easier reset of the nervous system during a session, and an overall enhancement of each session while the BioMat is used. This highly effective therapy is available to those who want to improve health and well-being with this product based on Nobel prize-winning scientific research pioneered by NASA and developed using pure, natural materials.

Real, measurable results

Unlike topical treatments that don’t address the root of the problem, the BioMat is capable of stimulating the cells of your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, achieving phenomenal results. In fact, your body absorbs far infrared rays to a depth of as much as seven inches! Clinical research shows that this technology stimulates improvements in a range of areas, including musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health, more efficient body detoxification, immune system resilience, improved sleep, increased energy and more.

Safe, Tested and Third-Party Certified Technology

The technology at the core of all BioMat products has been clinically proven to address a wide range of common health and wellness issues, including stress, insomnia, tissue damage, post-surgical healing and scar reduction, joint and muscle soreness, chronic neck and back pain, toxic deposits and oxidation levels, inflammation and arthritis, and circulatory issues.
This powerful technology is absolutely safe to use by health and medical practitioners and ordinary consumers alike, and is now used by tens of thousands worldwide. It has undergone the most stringent testing in Asia, Europe and North America, and has been found to be safe and effective for domestic and clinical use and highly effective when used for pain reduction, increased mobility, disease prevention, and total mind and body relaxation.
Whether you seek soothing relief from chronic pain, prevention of disease and degeneration, or enhancement of your relaxation and meditation activities, the BioMat can take your physical and mental well-being to the next level while you receive therapies at Blue Lotus. BioMats are also available for rental/trial or for owning one of your own for daily home therapy.

The following website is the most comprehensive website on BioMats and has much of the documented research with regard to this technology:
Please call our office if you would like further information or to schedule a free 30 minute relaxation session on one of our mats when one is available.