Thank you for your interest in Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge, our expertise and our hearts with you as well as helping to improve the quality of life in our communities and our planet.
The Mission of Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts Santa Fe is to help clients define andachieve their health goals and to facilitate Optimal Wellness for each client by providing high quality health care through a collaborative approach, combining Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture with hands on Bodywork and Comprehensive Holistic Internal Medicine protocols using Herbs, Homeopathics, Nutritionals and Food. We succeed when you are educated, inspired and empowered regarding your health.

2016 Best Alternative Healing – Blue Lotus

Santa Fe Reporter
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Blue Lotus Santa Fe operates in accordance with the following concepts:

• States of health or disease are not random.Blue Lotus Santa Fe Massage Therapy
• Disease does not exist by itself.
• Illness is often caused by being out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually.
• Within each of us is the innate capacity to heal. Our bodies are designed to eliminate that which does not nourish life, we just need to support our bodies systems to do their jobs well.
• Optimal wellness is a way of life that strives toward a state of balance and harmony of body, mind, spirit and community and that reaching and maintaining this balance leads to increased enjoyment of life.
• That individual assessment and care must be carried out in an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and collaboration and works most effectively when the client considers their participation paramount.
• That to provide exceptional care, a practitioner must treat one client at a time using exceptional listening and presence, combined with strong understanding of the dynamics of disease states and the healing process.
• That holistic medicine emphasizes the use of natural, less invasive procedures whenever possible, and utilizes the broader concepts of holistic health promotion and prevention of illness as the foundation for health.

At BLUE LOTUS Integrative Healing Arts we utilize Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with several types of bodywork therapies, herbal, homeopathic and detox protocols, nutritional consultations, energy medicine modalities and an emphasis on education to provide support for you in reaching your health goals, relieve pain, increase states of relaxation, vitality and your overall awareness and inspiration for your own healing and life process.
We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere conductive to professionalism and skill, as well as personal growth. The atmosphere is a place where people feel safe enough to deeply relax, take risks and make necessary changes in their lives, where learning is fun and inspired and clients feel confident to share what they’ve healed and learned with those in their lives.


BLUE LOTUS Integrative Healing Arts Santa Fe is a contracted provider for United Health Care, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Presbyterian Health Care. We also accept Personal Injury cases as well as Workers Compensation Cases with the proper documentation. We are in the process of contracting with other Health Care Companies, so please call us to see if your benefits may be used for your services!